Morse Code Training

The club has a rich history in the use of Morse and has classes running several times per week and at the club at 7pm Thursdays.

Contrary to popular belief, you are never too young or old to learn how to communicate using Morse Code.

There are two class types held at Dover Amateur Radio Club and all members are encouraged to attend. We have a complete novice class that started on the 3rd January 2019 and this is suitable for complete beginners and anyone with an interest in this form of communication.

There is an Intermediate class for those who need to develop from the beginners class, revisit old skills, increase word per minute speed and develop in their Morse copying skills.

This takes place on 1.992 MHz on the following schedule:

  • Sunday, Tuesday and Friday at 1930 hrs.

  • Thursday 7:20pm at the club meeting (after the beginners class)

There are recordings available of each ‘on air’ session and are readily available so that any missed lessons can still be completed.

Morse Code Charts


Learn morse in 15 minutes