GDPR and Privacy

The Committee have been working hard to consolidate the Club contacts and this work is now complete.

To summarise:
1. All contact details are now in a single, cloud-based, secure database (paper sheets have been securely destroyed and electronic versions deleted).
2. We have set up a new system for sending text messages to members which is cloud-based and accessible to the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary as required. This will enable us to be more nimble in responding to last-minute changes etc.
3. We will send a test SMS text message to all contacts held in the next few days – please reply “STOP” (or email if you do not wish to receive such messages. If you receive the email but not the text message (and want to get our texts) please let us know.
4. A new Privacy Notice has been prepared and is in the process of final review. It will be published in the next week or so.

Jonathan M0VRI Vice Chair 21 Nov 2022

Hamzilla 2023 Briefing…

The famous Dover Amateur Radio Club Hamzilla Electronics Fair and Radio Rally 2023 will be held on Sunday 12th March 2023 as shown in the Calendar.

We have selected the Julie Rose Stadium near Ashford Kent – which has better access for deliveries and we think is a far better venue than the Discovery Park.

Details are available from the dedicated website.

We are in discussions with a potential keynote speaker, and reviewing options for other talks and demonstrations on the day.

Please make sure it is in your diary – you don’t want to miss this one!

Visitors have started buying Early Bird tickets already (as of mid-November 2023) and it’s sure to be a great event.

What is happening when?

Please note that Club Events are shown on the “Calendar” page.

The Calendar includes a couple of slots for which the Committee are seeking a talk or demonstration – please reach out to Jonathan M0VRI or Emily M7MLE if you’d like to help: you’ll be surprised how much help and support we can give you!