Club Examinations This Evening – 30th June 2022

The club is hosting its first examination since the pandemic and will be holding both Foundation and Intermediate licence exams.

On this basis, there will be an opportunity for club members to meet at the Dover Patrol Memorial on the 30th of June 2022 and perform some field operating activities.

New Dover Amateur Radio Club Committee formed

Following the AGM held on the 7th of April 2022, Dover Amateur Radio Club are pleased to announce the formation of a new committee.

The club committee consists of:

Chairperson – John Rivers G0GCQ

Vice Chairperson – Jonathan Groves M0VRI

Honorary Treasurer – Richard Edmonds G4HHX

Honorary Secretary – Emily Groves M7MLE and Trevor Harvey G6APW

Training – Peter Halloway M0PKH

Events/Talks – Trevor Harvey G6APW

Youth – Jonathan Groves M0VRI

Ordinary Members – John Fairbrother M7BVJ and Andy Coleman M6PDD