A big thank you from Peter G3MLO

Thank you to all the Dover Amateur Radio Club members who contributed to the collection for his 80th Birthday. Along with his friends and family this has meant a fantastic donation of £550 has been raised for the Pilgrims Hospice Group.

Pilgrims are east Kent’s largest hospice charity. They help people facing incurable illness to live well in every moment. They’re available 24/7 for their patients, family members and carers.

Peter said:

The club to me represents a great group of friends and this most generous gesture goes to prove this.
Thanks to you all.
Peter, G3MLO.

If you’ve like to give further support to Pilgrims Hospice, you can make a donation online or go and visit one of their 31 shops around east Kent.

Foundation Licence Course

We’re happy to announce that our next Foundation Licence Training Course will commence on Thursday 28th August. The course will be run over 11 weeks with the exam taking place on 31st October. This course will be taught by Ian 2E0FHK with the practicals elements assessed by Henry M0IKX.

This will be our first course run under the new 2019 syllabus from the RSGB.

Course Overview

8/29/19Licensing ConditionsIan2E0FHK
9/5/19DARC Barbeque  
9/12/19Technical BasicsIan2E0FHK
9/19/19Transmitters and ReceiversIan2E0FHK
9/26/19Feeder and Antenna & PropogationIan2E0FHK
10/10/19Operating Procedures & SafetyIan2E0FHK
10/17/19Practical assessmentsHenryM0IKX
10/24/19Mock & Practical assessmentsHenryM0IKX

If you’d like to book a place on this course or to find out more information please complete the Training Form and someone will be in touch with you soon.

A call for guest speakers

We’ve been organising some great talks from members and guests over recent weeks including:

We are hoping to continue this over summer so if you are interested incoming along to the Dover Amateur Radio Club presenting a talk, giving a demonstration or know someone who might, get in touch with the Club Secretary, Vic (2E0NPV) and we’ll see what we can arrange. Just send an email to secretary@darc.online

A presentation on Sporadic E

Doug Speheger (KC5JUS) recently gave a great presentation to the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) about Sporadic E.

Sporadic-E propagation allows amateur radio operators to send and receive signals over huge distances, through the ionosphere during brief and crazy circumstances. Doug Speheger KC5JUS has been watching this happen for years, and he has tracked many sporadic-E paths over this time. This youtube video explains the phenomenon a bit better. He talks about 2m, 6m, and broadcast band paths.

It’s probably a bit much to get him to come over and give a talk to us here in Dover, but the video is worth a watch if you have some spate time.

Return of the single Amateur Radio Exam?

In a throwback to the old school way of getting licensed, Volunteers at the RSGB have developed a new syllabus for an amateur radio exam that will provide a direct route to gaining a Full licence akin to the original City and Guilds Radio Amateur Examination” (RAE).

The new draft syllabus, is set to lead to a new exam that is designed to appeal to those who wish to fast-track straight in at “Full” (Advanced), without the need to go through the Foundation and Intermediate steps first.

The announcement can be found on page five of the recently-released Exam Standards Committee 2019 report:

“The Examinations Group have prepared a draft syllabus, based on Syllabus 2019, for an exam that will provide direct entry to a Full licence, like the old RAE.”

“The ESC has agreed that the syllabus will be put out for consultation in the UK amateur radio community. This consultation will take place later in 2019.”

“An important question, which is yet to be resolved in EG and ESC, concerns what form any practical examination might take, and we will look to the wider community for guidance on this.”

The last sitting of The City and Guilds RAE exam was in December 2003. It was a single 80 question multiple choice paper that had in be completed in 2 hours 15 minutes. Copies of the 2002/3 exam papers can be downloaded at http://www.g4dmp.co.uk/reports/

Other highlights of the report include mentioning that the switch to online exams is progressing – these have the advantage of cutting down on admin, and providing instant results to candidates. We at the Dover Club had our first online exams in June 2019.

RSGB President’s letter to Ofcom regarding 144-146 MHz

The RSGB President, Dave Wilson, M0OBW wrote to Ofcom on Friday 5 July strongly expressing the RSGB’s concerns about the proposed WRC-23 aeronautical Agenda Item that includes 144-146 MHz.

The President’s letter started by stating that the RSGB "shares the concerns of the global amateur community and views the French proposal as lacking a proper understanding of the implications of sharing an aeronautical application with weak-signal terrestrial and space communications services."

It continued by saying that "from our perspective, and in the view of the wider global amateur community, we do not foresee any realistic feasibility of a sharing scenario which does not seriously degrade or impede amateur usage of the spectrum, given the extent and complexity of current amateur services’ primary usage."

For further information please see their WRC-19 focus pages.