Get licensed with Dover Amateur Radio Club


We are a RSGB registered examination centre, we offer Foundation and Intermediate Licence training and will support anyone studying for their Advanced licence.

We aim to help people from all the around south east Kent on their individual journey of learning, so if you are wishing to take a licence, please get in touch. In the past year we’ve had a 91% pass rate.

Foundation Licence


The Foundation licence is the gateway to amateur radio 

About the Foundation

The Foundation licence is recognised by the UK communications regulator Ofcom, and entitles holders to a callsign which will be used to identify you when you are transmitting. Foundation callsigns start with:

  • M3

  • M6

  • M7

Please see our Foundation Course Training if you are interested in enrolling on a course with us.

Intermediate Licence


The Foundation licence is next step in amateur radio

About the Intermediate

Intermediate callsigns start with:

  • 2#0

  • 2#0

The ‘#’ is replaced with a compulsory regional secondary locator

  • E – England

  • W– Wales

  • M – Scotland

  • I – Northern Ireland

  • U – Guernsey

  • J – Jersey

  • D – Isle of Man

Please see our Intermediate Course Training if you are interested in enrolling on a course with us.

Full Licence


Previously known as the advanced licence

About the Intermediate

Full Licence call signs start with:

  • M0

  • M1

  • M5

  • G1

  • G2

  • G3

  • G4

  • G5

  • G6

  • G7

  • G8

  • G0

Whilst we don’t offer a Full Licence course you can sit you Full Licence exam with us.