Local Repeaters


The principal VHF voice repeater covering the catchment area of the Dover club is GB3KS at Dover (145.625MHz)

Dover is a dual mode repeater – the repeater welcomes FM and System Fusion users from Kent and beyond (users on the Continent sometimes access). The repeater was changed to Dual mode on the 14th October 2018.

Dover club member Dick G4BBH was the first user on Fusion using his FT991 in Dover.

GB3FK at Folkestone (145.750MHz) has Zello and Echolink: we have a Zello channel which links to a gateway on GB3FK, this channel requires moderator approval of an amateur radio callsign to talk, please email admin@folkestonerepeatergroup.org.uk for further information.

There is no UHF repeater in the immediate locality but GB3EK at Cliftonville and GB3SK at Canterbury provide good coverage with the exception of the low lying areas of Shepway. These two repeaters are run by the Kent Repeater Group.


All the voice repeaters in Kent can be accessed by CTCSS tones of 103.5 Hz followed by at least 3 seconds of audio this can be achieved by giving your own call sign twice to ensure the repeater is opened properly. ALWAYS wait for the over signal, usually a ‘K’ or a ‘G’ between overs before transmitting (note that GB3KS only provides a squelch tail instead of a “K”). The ‘G’ indicates access by CTCSS.


Input: 145.025
Output: 145.625
CTCSS: 103.5


Input: 438.4875
Output: 430.8875
CTCSS: 103.5


Input: 145.150
Output: 145.750
CTCSS: 103.5


Input: 434.750
Output: 433.150
CTCSS: 103.5


GB7FK – This digital repeater is located in Capel le Ferne, between Dover and Folkestone. Please send your reports via The Folkestone Repeater Group

DMR Repeater GB7CK is also located at Capel le Ferne, on 70cms. more information can be found at The Folkestone Repeater Group.


Input: 430.5125
Output: 439.5125
Colour Code: 3


Input: 430.7375
Output: 439.7375
Colour Code: 3


Input: 430.425
Output: 439.425
Colour Code: 3


Input: 430.700
Output: 439.700
Colour Code:3


Port C – 2M
Input: 145.1875
Output: 145.7875

Port B – 70cm
Input: 430.775
Output: 439.975