“How do I ?” An Evening with Mike Ladd (KD2KOG) of SDRPlay

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Ham Radio Network is pleased to announce An Evening with Mike Ladd (KD2KOG) of SDRPlay (www.sdrplay.com). The theme of the evening will be "How do I...?" and be targeted to SDRPlay device owners that need help, support and guidance with their RSP device or SDRUNO.
The evening is focussing on user-related questions that are specific to the individual in order to help amateurs gain a better user experience.
This will be an informative and entertaining evening and participation will be high.
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Meeting ID: 524 931 2563
***The time below is in British Summer Time***
The room opens at 1915 hrs BST/ 1815 hrs UTC for a 1930 hrs BST/1830 hrs UTC Start
For more details: www.hrn.world
Also, why not add yourself to https://www.facebook.com/groups/517224945921950