Club Evening with Ian Keyser G3ROO on Antenna Concepts

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On 7th July 2022 - we are joined by club founder G3ROO for a presentation on Antenna Concepts. 

The Dover Club Committee are pleased to announce An Evening with Dover club founder member Ian Keyser (G3ROO)

Ian (G3ROO) is an accomplished amateur and has many specialities, in particular aerials and aerial concepts, CW and a collection of Spy radio sets.

Ian, Author of Practical and Tested Aerial Systems and founder of Kanga Products will be discussing aerials and dispelling any myths amongst amateurs and discussing what aerials better suit bands and conditions etc.  He has a no-nonsense approach and a can-do or let's do it attitude with regards to building aerials and assisting other amateurs.

Ian will be offering advice to both the newly licensed and established amateurs during his presentation and showing just how easy it can be to get an aerial up and working!