DARC Bring and Buy

By way of responding to popular request, we’re launching a new page for Members to have items they wish to give away or sell displayed. You can also advertise if you are looking for something (or indeed some help with something).

If this gets too onerous to maintain, we’ll have to have a re-think… Meanwhile: enjoy!

405-line TV for fiddling. Floor-standing cabinet about 19 inches square.
Also available a 405-line converter but not free.
Contact Ross Birch ross.birch@ymail.com
[Listed 05 Feb 2023]

We see an image of a "well-used" kneehole desk made of wood with three drawers each side. It looks like it was expensive and would respond well to a good rub down. A bit like G3ROO!
From Ian G3ROO… “Needs a good home. Free of course!”
[Listed 09 Dec 2022]