Dover Amateur Radio Club (DARC) was founded in 1967 and has forged strong links within the community and actively promotes amateur radio and encourages the use of amateur radio to the wider community.

DARC promotes all aspects of amateur radio which includes Morse Training, Skills, Construction and Lecture nights and as an RSGB registered examination centre, we offer Foundation and Intermediate Licence training and will support anyone studying for their Advanced licence.



About the Club

We aim to help people on their individual journey of learning, so if you are wishing to take a licence, please contact us.

Tailored support is offered to new members and we provide excellent information, advice and guidance to any amateur on their individual learning journey.

The club has a dedicated radio area, toilets and refreshment facilities and good disabled accessibility.

The club’s registered call sign is G3YMD. This call sign is held with OFCOM by Peter G0KOK on behalf of Dover Amateur Radio Club. In addition to this, the club operates special call signs for the various events that we participate in throughout the year.

Whats the significance of YMD in the club’s call? It stands for Young Men of Dover, when the club was based at the old YMCA many many moons ago.

Useful info


Information about out the different amateur radio licences and how to get on air.


Our Home

We’re based at St Peter and St Paul’s Church Hall in River, Dover.

Hamzilla 2020

29th March 2020, Discovery Park