An Evening with Rich Donohue (K0PIR)

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February 25, 2021 19/00 - 21/00

Ham Radio Network are pleased to be hosting an evening with Rich Donahue (K0PIR)
Rich has a popular YouTube channel [] that helps operators configure their rigs with multiple software platforms.

Rich will be discussing portable operating live from his campervan, including antennas and solar power. Not only will Rich be looking at antennas, such as the 80m inverted-V and the end-fed wire, but he will also be discussing how to get them up in the air and the various tools he uses when out in the field.

This is likely to prove a fascinating talk and one not to miss!

Rich regularly makes posts to his website and continues to simplify things with his easy-to-follow explanations.

More details of the evening to follow:

Access to the Zoom online meeting:

Zoom ID: 524 931 2563

Room opens at 1900Hrs UTC+0 for a 1930 UTC +0 start