An Evening with David Perry (G4YVM) of

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Ham Radio Network is pleased to announce An Evening with David Perry (G4YVM) of
A novel design invented by G4YVM and based on a design developed by him and his now sadly SK friend Jim, G4NWJ.
The Bantenna Sleeve is a wire antenna capable of handling 100w or more all day long sewn into a nylon cloth sleeve which you slide over a 7m glass fibre fishing pole. No radials, no ground wires, nothing. Low SWR (usually within 3:3 but some bands do show 4:1) on ALL amateur bands.
It will get you out on all amateur bands 160m to 10m and it looks like a banner, not an antenna!
Access to the Zoom online meeting:
Zoom ID: 524 931 2563
***The time below is in British Summer Time Hours***
The room opens at 1900 hrs British Summer Time (1800 UTC) for a 1930 (1830 UTC) Start
For more details: