Message from the Chairman and Committee


Coronavirus (Corvid- 19)

Message from Chairman on behalf of Dover Amateur Radio Club

Following my announcement yesterday that with great regret the organisers of Hamzilla and the DARC Committee had decided to postpone the Rally which was scheduled to take place at Discovery Park Sandwich Kent on March 29th 2020 –

I am pleased to be able to announce that we have arranged & secured a new date when Hamzilla can take place.

The New Event Date is Sunday 4th of October 2020

We anticipate by this date the current Pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus will have peaked and declined to a safe level if not completely eradicated. Should this be the expected situation in the UK i cordially invite all previously booked traders exhibitors & ticket holders to Attend and enjoy This Great Event.

Please be assured that despite the postponement of the March Event the new Fixed Date in October gives us even more determination to make this rally the go-to event in the South East of England.

Thanks to all those who supported our decision yesterday evening and to all supporters & enthusiasts who we hope will join us at Discovery Park October 4th. 

Dover Amateur Radio Club wishes everyone good-health and that you all keep safe & well throughout the current world-wide crisis.

Myself & the Club Members look forward to meeting you at Hamzilla on the 4th October.

It will be great to see as many attendees as possible!
Kind Regards & 73’s

Peter Elliott 2E0XPY

DARC Chairman & Treasurer